Infinity Wars


If you like TCGs such a Hearthstone and MTG, you’ll love this game, Infinity Wars is a game that is quite complex compared to Hearthstone, but once playing through the tutorial you will find it quite easy and enjoyable.

The game is set out with an attacking zone, a defending zone, support zone and then a command zone.

The attacking zone and defending zone are the cards that are defending your base and attacking their base, the cards work in the basic way of health and attack much like hearthstone and similar games.

The support zone holds the cards that are “in play” but are not attacking or defending, under normal circumstances these cards do not get attacked, although they can be damaged by such cards as the Genesis’ low orbit ion cannon, this damages 4 health, but costs 3 resources and exhausts the card for 2 turns.

The command zone is quite different from any TCG game i’ve played. Normally a card played from the hand must be placed in the support zone for 1 turn (a few cards bypass this) but the character cards played from the command zone can be immediately placed in the attack, defence or support zone, these cards can also be “activated” while still in the support zone.

Another thing that makes this stand out from other games is simultaneous turns, in most games you take a turn, the opponent sees what you have done then reacts accordingly, in IW you both take turns at the same time therefore you can bluff and call other peoples bluff on whether on not they will, for example, play an incredibly OP card that has had its stats buffed.

Like most games, IW has the health system but it also has a morale system which is a second win condition. Basically how it works is that each card has a morale loss when it dies and if you get down to 0 morale you lose.

The game consists of various factions that make the basic tactics, for example, the Flame Dawn faction has many cards that cost a very small amount and but are really good early game if played properly, if not played correctly and you allow the game to go for a long time, you’ll find that you are constantly fighting just to survive, this usually does not end in a win. The factions and their playstyles are; Flame Dawn, rushing, Genesis long game and building up a few units to high stats; Decendents of Dragons – long game, defence, morale win; Verore, spells, enemy death equals +2/+2 increase your main card, long game; Sleepers of Avarrach – Overwhelm with numbers; Warpath – Long game – high cost but strong cards; Exiles… well I don’t really know how they play, so find out yourself!

Anyways, I’d recommend playing this game because it is awesome, and for those of you who have played the game (looking at you Arrow) what is your opinion on the game?



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